Magento 1.x Responsive Gallery slide show


This is an extension called “Responsive Photo Gallery” With this extension you can create unlimited responsive photo galleries into Magento CE.

The use of this extension is very easy. Just create a responsive photo gallery add block shortcode to cms or theme and your responsive photo gallery is ready.

Live Demo Magento Responsive Gallery slide show

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This is an extension called “Magento responsive gallery” With this extension you can create a responsive photo gallery slide show instantly into the Magento community version. Just create a photo gallery or slider and add images and use the block to display a responsive gallery or slider into your cms pages as well as theme .phtml file easily. This extension provides you unlimited responsive photo gallery, Each responsive photo gallery has unlimited images.

The photo gallery has the inbuilt grid to filter sliders/gallery view, In responsive photo gallery admin have options for height, width, Use responsive gallery as slider or as a photo gallery with thumbnail. The thumbnail slider also can be at the top or at the bottom. Admin can also show image description and title into the main image caption. Admin can also have the option to display images as crop mode or fit mode. You can download documentation here for how to use and how to play with gallery view settings

Live Demo Admin Login:
Admin User Name :demo-mag-responsive-gallery
Admin Password : $$demo-responsive-gallery$$123
Frontend Demo :-

Installation and usage
After download extension Please follow the documentation-galleryview.pdf file for how to install and use this extension.If you trouble getting this extension works Please contact us.

This extension works in the following versions:

  • 1.4.x
  • 1.5.x
  • 1.6.x
  • 1.7.x
  • 1.8.x
  • 1.9.x



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