Terms of Use & Refund

By using i13websolution Products , you agree to the following Terms of Use. We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice.

No Redistribution
I13websolution Products may not be redistributed or resold to other companies or third parties.If you have buy single copy, it is limited to single domain and if you have buy multiple or more then 2 copies,You can use it for that numbe of domains.

Refund : We are happy to help our customers but in any problem that is not resolved for ny reason then user can ask for refund.We can refund money.Refund is subject to investigation it may take 2 or more days depends on holidays.

Price Changes
I13websolution reserves the right to change the price of Products at any time. Any price change will be reflected on the website.Old user can ask for updates of plugins extension for free.we are happy to provides free updates.

Download Of Products Once user purchased any of our product.The download of that product is given to one time only.For any reason user can ask for re-download using our contact form.