reCaptcha for Jetpack form WordPress


Protect WordPress JetPack forms using reCaptcha V2/V3.

Live Demo Recaptcha For JetPack Forms


Protect jetpack forms using reCaptcha. This plugin will add reCaptcha V2/V3 to any jetpack forms. It is so easy just set up reCaptcha keys and enable reCaptcha For JetPack Forms.

This plugin works with both classic jetpack forms and block forms.



  • 1. Add reCaptcha V2.
  • 2. Add reCaptcha V3.
  • 3. Customize error messages.
  • 4. Support reCaptcha V2 with language change.
  • 5. Support no conflict mode to remove another reCaptcha conflict.
  • 6. Support disables submit button until the captcha is checked.
  • 7. Show/Hide the captcha label.



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